AquaMAX G390SS

  • The AquaMAX G390SS Gas Storage Water Heater is largest volume domestic hot water heater available in the AquaMAX gas range
  • Ideal choice for households of 3-6 people
  • With an unbeatable 5 star energy rating, its large 155 litre stainless steel tank features a unique inbuilt mixing valve, not available on any other gas hot water heaters, which gives you 390 litres of hot water (at 60°C) in the first hour, meaning you are unlikely to ever run out of hot water!
  • The G390SS is an especially safe choice for your family, because of its specially designed optional twin temperature delivery feature that gives you greater flexibility to control the hot water temperature coming from the different taps within your home. This allows you the freedom to choose 65°C water in the laundry taps when doing the washing, while making sure the kids bathroom taps stay at a safe 50°C or lower – to provide protection from scalding.

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AquaMAX G340SS

The AquaMAX G340SS Gas Storage 5 star energy rated water heater is constructed from premium quality stainless steel
• 10-year warranty
• The G340SS is the perfect solution for new Australian homes as it has been specifically designed to be fitted with an approved tempering valve, as is now required by law, which enables you to limit water temperature to 50°C to prevent injuries like scalding.
• The 155-litre G340SS unit serves households of 2-5, making it a great choice for growing families looking to upgrade from the smaller AquaMAX G207VE or G207SS units to meet their increased hot water needs.
• The G340SS has a 240-litre hot water capacity within the first hour, runs only natural gas, and is specifically designed for external installation.

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AquaMAX G270SS

  • The AquaMAX G270SS Gas Storage Water Heater is a compact and durable stainless steel unit
  • 10-year warranty
  • Its 130-litre tank can produce 270 litres of hot water (at 60°C) in the first hour
  • Ideal size to service a household of 2-4 people
  • Like all AquaMAX Gas Storage Heaters, the G270SS boasts a 5 star energy rating, which makes it a great choice for the environment. This unit is engineered specifically for external installation, and operates using only natural gas.
AquaMAX G270VE

  • The AquaMAX G270VE Gas Storage Water Heater is suitable to service households of 2-4 people
  • 135-litre heater that can provide 270 litres of hot water (at 60°C) in the first hour
  • Offers 5 star energy efficiency rating, and can run on either natural or LPG Gas
  • The G270VE is constructed specifically for external installation, using a vitreous enamel lining to guard against corrosion, and comes with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.
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