Choosing a Hot Water System

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There is nothing worse than getting into the shower on a cold winters day and there is no hot water!

Hot water unHot water is an essential resource in every house hold and is used every single day for showers, washing dishes, cooking etcits normally breakdown suddenly with no warning and most families do not have time to look around for the best option as they need a quick fix for the family routine to continue as normal

Hot water is an essential resource in every house hold and is used every single day for showers, washing dishes, cooking etc.

There is a variety of hot water systems that you could choose from as to which will suit your household the best.

Electric Hot Water Systems :

  • An Electric hot water system is usually the least inexpensive to install, but may be expensive to run if on continuously.
  • This unit can be installed either inside or outside
  • Electric hot water systems typically last 8 to 10 years

Gas Hot Water Systems :

  • If you have a natural gas connection this is a great option. As gas prices don’t rise often this is a cheaper option for hot water if you do not have solar panels and need continuous hot water.
  • Gas storage uses a burner under the water tank, which heats the water, where Gas instants only heat the water when it is needed, so do not store any hot water which will save you costs.
  • Gas heaters have an energy efficient star rating
  • Gas heaters can be installed indoors if there is a flue, but most commonly installed outdoors
  • Gas hot water systems typically last 8 to 10 years

Solar Hot Water Units :

  • Simply consists of solar panels and a storage tank
  • Although Solar hot water systems are the most expensive to purchase and install to your home, in the long run it will end up paying for itself as the costs to run these systems are very low
  • The Government also rebates a certain amount of money for every customer which also helps with the purchase cost
  • The storage tank usually has an electrical or gas booster element in which keeps the water hot in the colder months when the sun is hidden away
  • Solar hot water systems last the longest at around 15 to 17 years

Smaller households could use either of the three hot water units, Electric, Gas or Solar. Whereas larger households should consider getting the Solar or Gas hot water units as they are a lot cheaper to run over the long term.

Another issue that may make it more confusing for an individual or family to choose a hot water unit that suits their lifestyle is that there is a number of brands on the market. From Rinnai to Aquamax to Rheem plus so many more. Our team at Pulis Professional Plumbing are more than happy to talk you through which hot water system would be the best suit for your lifestyle.

At Pulis Professional Plumbing we can inspect your existing hot water unit and check if we are able to repair the damage, if a brand new unit is required, we are more than happy to discuss which hot water system best suits your household  and are able to install the unit and get your family back into their daily routine.

If you are in need of a new hot water system we at Pulis Professional Plumbing can assist with all of your needs.

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