These days the average life expectancy of your hot water system is anywhere between 5-10 years . To ensure a full life of your system, you need to undertake regular maintenance of the pressure reducing valve in combination with temperature relief valve and sacrificial anode.

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure reducing valves are designed to provide accurate pressure control on the inlet side of the hot water system. Fluctuating water pressures will put unnecessary pressure on the internal wall of your tank.

TPR valve

The primary function of the temperature pressure relief valve (TPR) is to release any build up of excess tank pressure.

If your TPR valve is continually running, it may be an indication that it is time to have it replaced. It may also be an indication that the pressure reducing valve, if fitted may not be operating correctly and may need replacing.

Sacrificial Anode

Located internally in your mains pressure hot water system is the sacrificial anode.

This “magnesium” anode is installed by the manufacturer to prevent the tank from rusting. Unfortunately after about 5 years when the anode stops working as efficiently, your hot water system can begin to rapidly rust. Once this happens, the whole unit will need to be replaced.

Extending the life of your hot water system may also be as simple as changing this sacrificial anode.

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