Is Your Home Ready For The Holidays?

Your guests are starting to arrive for the holidays!  The table is set, the decorations are up, and dinner is in the oven.  All is going well until disaster strikes..


Somebody clogged the toilet

  • It’s likely that your bathrooms are going to be used more often when you have house guests. How to avoid clogged toilets? It’s simple! Flush only human waste and toilet paper.


  • You accidentally poured grease down the sink
  • Cooking for a house full of guests? Be nice to your drains! You should never put grease, fats and oils down your drain.  When they reach room temperatures the liquid begins to harden and can easily clog your drains.  


  • Somebody forgot to unhook the hose
  • With the warmer temperatures, you still have time to properly shut off your outdoor faucets


  • Somehow, someway a house guest dropped her phone down the drain
  • Okay, we’ve all been here.  In fact, we’ve also recovered many phones, rings, toys, etc from drains. If a house guest drops something down the drain that doesn’t belong, give us a call!  As your local drain experts, we’ve got the skills to retrieve anything.


  • The water heater stopped working
  • Nobody likes a cold shower! The typical life expectancy of a water heater can vary between eight to 12 years.  However, routine water heater maintenance will make the system last longer.


  • A pipe sprung a leak
  • Leaky pipes can be costly to your home and your water bill. Let us fix your water leaks.


  • This holiday season we’re here for you!  No matter the issue, our technicians can take care of any plumbing problem.  Give Pulis Plumbing a call, and we’ll be there to provide you with prompt Service.  Call: 0424 932 737
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