Summer is over… have your pipes been over used?

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Over the summer time you had beach trips, holidays and thriving fresh produce daily, we all love summer time, although the pipes don’t! The bathroom, the washing machine and the pool water pump would be overused during the hot periods with social events with family and friends, day & night.  With the overuse of pipes, this could cause severe plumbing disasters!

Did you know that statistics show that taking a shower uses 12 to 15 litres a minute, just imagine in summer time after a beach trip and needing that extra time in the shower. Not only are we using more water, we are causing blockage and wear and tear to our pipes and we don’t even realise. Picture all the sand and mud collecting mid way… 

The harsh chemicals you use to unclog the pipes, not only do they cause pipe damage but they also cause damage to our waterways, environment and cause genetic mutations in their offspring in the animal habitats. Can you guess what harsh chemicals are used in certain drain cleaners? Lye and sulphuric acid, this causes hazardous fumes! Do you actually want to expose that to your kids and family? I would say no..

Our best solution, call us, let us do the work for you and avoid more damage, to your pipes and the environment.  

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